Karam Cheong


Karam Cheong Biography


Karam Cheong, known by the artist name Karam.
I am an international artist who lived in Seoul, Korea. A deep desire to create art began at a young age, which led me to NY where I was immersed in an extremely diverse culture. Upon completion of BFA in Communication Design in Parsons, I started my career as a computer graphic designer. A few years later, I decided to quit my successful career as a graphic designer in order to pursue my passion for fine art that has enchanted me.
My experience as a graphic designer has always directed me toward finding a better way to combine colors and compose spaces to create art. The inspiration for my art comes from my heart: paint whenever I feel something. I have an open mind toward styles but I am pursuing originalityÍž the preexisting style is not what I pursue. I love trying anything and everything when it comes to creating a work of art. I believe creating art is an unconscious process where I trust my intuition. My creative method is directed towards process and surface balanced by an adept understanding of color theory. Through my thick paint application my works push the boundaries of impressionism to an almost abstract expressionist visual while still maintaining representational imagery in a highly tactile impasto style.
I state that my work is “An unconscious process where I trust my intuition.” My preference is to start a piece without a preconceived notion of the outcome allowing exploration and discovery inside each compositionÍž the alla prima style. The artist’s compositions focus on nature most often depicted in strong tonal ranges of a limited color palette. Combining color, light, form, the intensity of the moment and my emotions from nature is a little about artistic journey to find who I am.